Indians arrested by Thai police in gambling den

Unprecedented Gambling Operation Uncovered in Chon Buri

In a sweeping operation, Thai law enforcement officials apprehended 94 individuals involved in illicit gambling activities at a hotel in Chon Buri, a province in eastern Thailand. The majority of the arrested individuals were Indian nationals, who had reportedly flown into the country with the sole intention of participating in these gambling activities.

The Bust: A Detailed Account

The Bang Lamung police station, with a force of over 100 officers, conducted the operation. They discovered an illegal casino operating out of the hotel’s conference hall, equipped with all necessary gambling paraphernalia, including Baccarat tables. The police arrested 84 Indians, six Thais, and four Myanmar migrant workers at the site.

The Scale of the Operation

The gambling activities were of a significant scale, with an estimated 500 million rupees (approximately 200 million baht) being wagered each day. These activities were also livestreamed to India. According to one of the arrested Indian gamblers, each player was required to open a credit account to purchase chips, with some accounts having credit lines up to six million baht.

The Organizers and Their Modus Operandi

A Thai national, known as “Sitranan,” was identified as one of the organizers. She admitted to renting the hotel’s conference hall for 120,000 baht per day, while maintaining that the hotel was not involved in the gambling activities. She was responsible for the Indian gamblers’ food and lodging and stated that the gambling equipment was imported from India before the COVID-19 pandemic and moved into the hotel only recently.

Sitranan also confessed to paying about 2.4 million baht in bribes to two individuals who claimed they could persuade local police to ignore the casino. She charged each Indian gambler 50,000 baht for the gambling package tour.

Switch To Online Casinos

While brick-and-mortar gambling dens, like the one busted in Chon Buri, are illegal in Thailand, it’s important to note that there are legal and trustworthy alternatives available. For Indian nationals and others interested in gambling, online casinos offer a safer and legal platform. These digital platforms are regulated, ensuring fair play and security for their users. A recent publication by Latestly talks about the top rated online casinos in India that are safe to play at. It’s always recommended to engage in gambling activities responsibly and within the boundaries of the law, to avoid the legal consequences that come with participating in illegal gambling operations.

The Aftermath: Legal Consequences

All the arrested individuals, including the dealers, will face charges for illegal gambling. The incident underscores the ongoing issue of illegal gambling in Thailand and the efforts of law enforcement to curb such activities.

Key StatisticsDetails
Total Arrested94
Indian Nationals84
Myanmar Migrant Workers4
Daily Amount Gambled500 Million Rupees (Approx. 200 Million Baht)
Cost of Gambling Package Tour50,000 Baht

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of illegal gambling activities and the need for continued vigilance and enforcement.