Easy Wall Art and Decors for a Casino-themed Room

If you like casinos and gambling, and you want to enjoy this lifestyle every day, there’s a simple way to do so – bring it home with you! Get a feel of what’s it like to be in a casino day by day with a casino-themed room. There are innovative ways on how to recreate a casino setup even if you’re working on a budget.

Designing a casino-themed room is easy enough with the use of assorted wall art and decors. Whether it’s the drawing room, bedroom, game room, or kitchen that you’re fixing up to have a casino vibe, there’s always something that turns it into a casino-style room.

Vegas wall murals and wallpapers

Bright lights, busy streets, and flashy scenes are enough to get your adrenaline pumping, it’s the perfect scenery to remind you of Las Vegas, which is synonymous to casinos! Bring home this vibe by installing Vegas-themed wall murals or casino-themed wallpapers. Determine if you want a feature wall or you’re covering your entire wall. Scale beforehand so that it is installed perfectly.

Casino-themed table

Instead of the usual coffee table, why not use a game-themed table and set it up in the drawing room or game room. From poker tables to spin-the-wheel designed tables, and even tables designed to look like common casino games, there are several options available. If you’re tight on budget, you can turn an ordinary coffee table yourself. Cover the table with felt or velvet and put in some cards and poker chips for that casino game vibe.


Neon lights and signs

When you stroll down The Strip, the first thing that catches the attention are the eclectic lights and flashing neon signs. Everywhere you look, casinos are lighted up to the nines to invite gamblers and tourists alike. Pick up this design hack and place neon signs and lights inside a room to recreate a casino.

Gambling-centric wall art

Casino and gambling are synonymous, and what better way to turn a room in your home into a little casino than hanging gambling-centric wall art. The beauty of wall art is that it is versatile. A wide variety of designs that center on gambling and casinos are readily available. There are innovative ways to put it up on wall spaces too – large wall art centerpieces, gallery walls, multipanel artwork, picture ledges, and more.