Al Pacino Owes Nearly $200,000 to the IRS

Life truly imitates art as Hollywood icon Al Pacino, known for his legendary portrayals of classic film gangsters such as Michael Corleone, and Tony Montana, now finds himself being pursued by the most notorious gangster of all time: Uncle Sam.

Nobody makes a dime in this country without ole’ Sam getting a piece of the action. A very expensive lesson that Pacino had to learn the hard way.

According to TMZ, the Internal Revenue Service just filed a tax lien against Pacino, claiming he shorted the government out of $169,143.06 in 2008 and $19,140.44 in 2009 … for a whopping grand total of $188,283.50.

Al’s people claim the Hollywood legend never intended to screw over the government, and are instead blaming the whole thing on Pacino’s former business manager Kenneth Starr (not the guy from Lewinsky fame), the convicted Ponzi schemer who was just sentenced to seven years in prison for bilking a bunch of Hollywood bigwigs out of millions.

Pacino’s people reveal that Al has since found new management and is looking to remedy the situation ASAP.

Let this be a lesson learned Mr. Pacino. One should NEVER play with Sam’s money. Just ask Wesley Snipes.

Source: gossiponthis