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Trial for accused Mafia hit man

Michael Coppola, who goes on trial this week in a racketeering-murder case, was part of a Mafia assassination squad that “performed murders ordered by the Genovese family administration” in the late 1970s and 1980s

Reputed crime family underboss summoned to court in Newark

Martin Taccetta, a reputed former underboss of the Lucchese crime family’s New Jersey faction, has been summoned to a Newark courtroom next week to possibly resolve the charges pending against him in a mob case that has resulted in the convictions of 19 others.

Al Pacino Owes Nearly $200,000 to the IRS

Life truly imitates art as Hollywood icon Al Pacino, known for his legendary portrayals of classic film gangsters such as Michael Corleone, and Tony Montana, now finds himself being pursued by the most notorious gangster of all time: Uncle Sam.