Shakeup in Patriarca crime family

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We’ve learned a major shift in power is happening right now inside the Patriarca crime family . It’s an historic move with major implications.

According to the FBI, the leadership of the New England mob has been in the hands of Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio for the past 12 years. But Target 12 has learned that Manocchio is stepping aside.

This type of leadership change has only happened five times since Raymond L.S. Patriarca ran the show dating back to the 1950’s. Now with a federal investigation swirling around the current boss , the balance of power could be shifting back to Boston for only the second time in the family’s history.

It all began with Raymond L.S. Patriarca, the godfather of the crime family that bears his name. Since his passing in 1984, only four other men have held the title of “boss.” His son, Raymond “Junior” Patriarca, Nicholas “Nicky” Bianco, Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme , And now Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio.

According to the FBI and Rhode Island State Police, Manocchio has run the show for all of New England for more than a decade. But Target 12 has learned we are in the middle of a major power shift inside the New England mafia. Law enforcement sources tell Target 12 that Manocchio, at 82-years-old and under federal investigation, is on his way out.

Sources say law enforcement is keeping a close eye on Boston’s Peter Limone as Manocchio’s successor. Limone spent 33 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. According to sources, since his release he has been the family’s consigliere, or advisor.

Tim White: “Is this something that law enfocement, that the FBI tries to monitor?”

Jeffrey Sallet, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI: “Absolutely.”

Supervisory special agent Jeffrey Sallet heads the FBI Organized Crime Unit for New England. He can’t comment on any potential shake-up in the family’s hierarchy. But he said many factors can be a catalyst to change at the top.

“Typically, when a high ranking position in the LCN goes to jail and they’re unable to carry out their duties, they have to be replaced on the street,” Sallet said.

A reference to current underboss, Carmen “The Cheeseman” Dinunzio . He was sentenced to six years in federal prison for trying to bribe his way into a lucrative big dig contract.

Target 12 has learned law enforcement is watching Rhode Island capo regime Robert “Bobby” Deluca as the family’s next underboss. Sources say Deluca made strong allegiances with Boston and New York players during his 12 year stint in federal prison and those connections are paying off now.

Deluca would run the Rhode Island arm of LCN with a faction of capo regimes, or captains. Sources identify those captains as:

-Edward “Eddie” Lato

– Anthony “The Saint” St. Laurent

-Joseph Achille.

The shift in power from providence to Boston is not without problems.

Like Dinunzio, Limone is facing legal problems. He was arrested earlier this year on state gambling charges. So, law enforcement is also keeping watch on another potential Boston power player; Anthony Dinunzio, brother of the “Cheeseman.”

Sallet won’t comment on those wiseguys specifically, but says a boss would need the approval of the captains of the family both in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

“These guys are bad guys. They wake up every morning thinking how they can steal from you. From how they can steal from the public. These guys are not Robin Hood. Their lives are not the glamour that you see on TV,” Sallet said.

With dwindling ranks, sources say the next boss of the crime family may not have control of much. But, considering the active investigation targeting the boss, it’s clear the FBI as well as the Rhode Island State Police and Providence police still consider the New England mob a threat to society.


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