Mafia Family Charts and Leadership – 2011

Mafia Family Charts and Leadership

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Gambino Family Leadership (current ‘2011)

Gambino Crime Family Chart

  • Boss: Peter Gotti (Life Imprisonment)
  • Ruling Committee/Panel: Giovanni “John” Gambino, Daniel Marino (Jailed), Bobby Vernace (Jailed, Under Indictment)
  • Street Boss: Jackie “Jackie the Nose” D’Amico (Jailed)
  • Underboss: Arnold “Zeke” Squitieri (Jailed)
  • Acting Underboss: Domenico “Italian Dom” Cefalu
  • Consigliere: Joseph “Jo Jo” Corozzo (Jailed, Under Indictment)
  • New Jersey Faction Boss: Alphonse “Funzi” Sisca
  • Estimated Membership: About 260 Made Members
Bonanno Family Leadership (current ‘2011)

Bonanno Family Chart

  • Boss – Unknown W/Recent Convictions
  • Unofficial Boss: Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano (Life Imprisonment, Under Indictment)
  • Acting Boss: Vincent “Vinny T.V.” Badalamenti
  • Underboss: Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora
  • Consigliere: Anthony “T.G.” Graziano (Jailed)
  • Acting Consigliere: Anthony “Fat Tony” Rabito
  • New Jersey Faction Boss: Joseph Sammartino Sr.
  • Estimated membership: About 115 Made Members
Genovese Family Leadership (current ‘2011)
Genovese Family

Genovese Family Chart

  • Boss: Vacant
  • Three-Man Ruling Panel: Tino “The Greek’ Fiumara (Dead), Others Unknown
  • Acting Boss: Daniel “Danny the Lion” Leo (Jailed)
  • Street Boss: Liborio “Barney” Bellomo
  • Underboss: Venero “Benny Eggs” Mangano
  • Consigliere: Dominick “Quiet Dom” Cirillo
  • New Jersey Faction Boss: Vacant since death of Tino “The Greek” Fiumara in 2010
  • Estimated Membership: About 270 Made Members
Colombo Family Leadership (current ‘2011)

Colombo Family Chart

  • Boss: Carmine “Junior/The Snake” Persico (Life Imprisonment)
  • Acting Boss: Alphonse “Little Allie Boy” Persico (Life Imprisonment)
  • Street Boss: Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo (Jailed, Under Indictment)
  • Underboss: John “Sonny” Franzese (Jailed)
  • Acting Underboss: Benjamin “The Claw” Castellazo (Jailed, Under Indictment)
  • Consigliere: Richard “Ritchie Nerves” Fusco (Jailed, Under Indictment)
  • Estimated Membership: About 100 Made Members
Lucchese Family Leadership (current ‘2011)

Lucchese Family Chart

  • Boss: Vittorio “Vic/Vic the Terminator” Amuso (Life Imprisonment)
  • Ruling Committee/Panel: Aniello “Neil” Migliore, Matthew Madonna (Under Indictment), Joseph “Joey Dee” DiNapoli (Under Indictment)
  • Underboss: Steven “Stevie Wonder/Wonderboy/Herbie” Crea
  • Consigliere: Joseph “Joe C.” Caridi
  • New Jersey Faction Boss: Michael “Mad Dog” Taccetta (Jailed)
  • Acting New Jersey Faction Boss: Ralph Vito Perna (Under Indictment)
  • Estimated Membership: About 100 Made Members

New England/Providence (Patriarca) Family Leadership(current ‘2011)

Raymond Patriarca Sr.

  • Boss – Peter Limone (Boston)
  • Underboss – Carmen Dinunzio (incarcerated)/Acting – Bobby deLuca (Providence)
  • Consigliere – Anthony Dinunzio (brother of Carmen “The Cheese Man” DiNunzio)
  • Capo: Anthony “The Saint” St. Laurent
  • Capo: Edward “Eddie” Lato
  • estimated membership – 40-50 Made Member
Philadelphia Family Leadership(current ‘2010)
  • Boss – Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi
  • Underboss – Marty Angelina / Staino (?)
  • Consigliere – Anthony “Tony” Staino
  • estimated membership – 50-60 Made Members
New Jersey/DeCavalcante Family Leadership(current ‘2010)
  • Boss – Giovanni “John the eagle” Riggi
  • Acting Boss – Francesco “Frank” Guarraci
  • Underboss – Joseph “Joe” Miranda
  • Consigliere – Frank D’Amato
  • estimated membership – 40-50 Made Members
Buffalo Family Leadership(current ‘2010)
  • Boss – Leonard Falzone / Joseph Torado Sr/Jr (retired ?)
  • Underboss – Benjamin “Sonny” Nicolletti Jr
  • Consiglieri – unknown/believed to be (Joseph Todaro Jr)
  • estimated membership – 75 Made Members

New Orleans Family Leadership (Current ‘2010)

  • Boss – Anthony Carolla
  • Underboss – “Fat” Frank Gagliano
  • Consiglieri – “unknown’
  • Estimated membership – around 10 “made members” – strength of family is unknown
Chicago – Outfit (Current ‘2010)
  • Boss – John “No Nose” Difronzo
  • Underboss – Unknown w/recent Family Secrets Trial
  • estimated membership – one of most low profile mafia families
Cleveland (Scalise Family) (Current ‘2010)
  • Boss – Russell Papalardo
  • Joe “Loose” Iacobacci
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