Breaking News! Frank Morris Alcatraz Escapee found living in Ireland!

| February 28, 2010 | 47 Comments

Frank_MorrisFrank Morris the most famous convict ever to escape from Alcatraz prison and who was presumed to have drowned by authorities has
been found to be living under the assumed name of Padraic Welsh in a remote part of Connemara on the western coast of Ireland.

Frank now 83 years of age decided the time was right to break the silence and put the record straight after 47 years living a tranquil life in a remote part of the west of Ireland.
Recounting the night of June 11, 1962, Frank said the escape went ahead as planned and along with fellow escapees brothers John and Clarence Anglin they placed the dummies in their beds, escaped through the vents at the back of their cells and into the utility corridor. They then proceeded onto the roof and down to the bay. There they boarded the raft they had constructed and disappeared into the night to rendezvous with a boat which they had arranged to pick them up, they then destroyed the raft and scattered personal belonging into the bay to throw the authoritys off their trail.

Frank having relatives from the west of Ireland and an aunt living in Connemara had already organised passage to the Emerald Isle prior to escaping as for John and Clarence Anglin he never heard from them since and often wonders what became of them.

As for plans for the future Frank says he is quiet happy in the west of Ireland and is totally fluent in the Gaelic language and keeps fit by taking a swim every single day in the Atlantic.

There is a sparkle in his voice  as he talks about the blockbuster movie “Escape from Alcatraz” where Clint Eastwood famously portrayed Frank and how much he would love to meet Clint and perhaps return to visit Alcatraz some day.

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  1. The Boss says:

    Great Story this, Managed after an hour of ringing to get through to chat with Frank himself for

  2. radioheaddouche says:

    SOOOO will he be extradicted?

  3. Jimmy Pats says:

    What a story !

  4. The Boss says:

    Connemara is part of Galway in the west of Ireland which is famous for its 14 tribes one of which is Morris, which ties in with his Irish Roots.

    Just pulled this from Wikipedia:

    The Tribes of Galway (Treibheanna na Gaillimhe) were fourteen merchant families who dominated the political, commercial, and social life of the city of Galway in western Ireland between the mid-13th and late-19th centuries. They were the families of Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, D’Arcy, Deane, Ffont, Ffrench, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martyn, Morris and Skerritt.

  5. Jimmy Pats says:

    Wow i have just relised how big this is really, these guys really did survive hahaha thats amazing. They had peoples minds boggled for 47 years, i wonder what will happen to him :\ .. What does people think ? Good on him though !!

  6. C says:

    Whwer is this story on the Internet , WHEEERRREEE ????????

  7. The Boss says:

    Guys, I was just checking to see which of you were awake, unfortunately as much as I would like it to be, this is just me using my active imagination seen as there were no other stories of interest to post, I thought I would invent one!

    Yes its just a hoax, if it was real it would be on every news station around the world.

    I suppose its quite possible that he is alive as he would still be only 87

    Make sure your all awake on April 1st I might post they found Jimmy Hoffa!

  8. Martin says:

    Good one. hahahaha Great story.

  9. Jimmy Pats says:

    hahahaha you had me going !

  10. Artie says:

    you made me look stupid when I told somebody this. clown

  11. jtdizal says:

    of course you havent talked to him,because im him and im living in north detroit under the name bill bixby!!!!!! catch me if you can biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hahahaha

  12. jtdizal says:

    and if you believe that one ive been chillin with whitey bulger and bigfoot livin off food stamps and reading MAFIATODAY everydaaaaayyyyyy

  13. radioheaddouche says:

    Really??? I agree, lame. I’m dissappointed in the BOSS

  14. nicky gallo says:

    No respect for crime

  15. Ms.Mari says:

    Is this true?

  16. radioheaddouche says:

    YA KNOW?

  17. Eamonn Morris says:

    Truly amazing story . Since my family are from Mayo [Ballinrobe] there is an outside chance we are distant relatives ??? Several of my Morris Great Aunts and Uncles emigrated to the US around 1890-1904 and I have been trying to trace any living relatives . If you read this Frank I wish you well and if there is any connection please do get in touch .

  18. BJ Rossetti says:

    HA! TO: E. MORRIS, hate to do this to ya pal but that story was just that…a “STORY” made up by an idiot with a fantastic imagination. It was a hoax! Nevertheless, I had to laugh at your request to “Frank” to get in touch with you. LOL

    Kind Regards~~

  19. Eamonn Morris says:

    Great story – had me believing . What an idiot ;-)) lol

  20. Hamish says:

    Frank Morris, Clarence and John Anglin made the most daring escape attempt from Alcatraz ever. It provoked one of the biggest FBI manhunts in history. What these guys did was truly incredible, an amazing and ingenious escape. Personally it is hard to believe that these guys made it, but Frank Morris had an IQ of 133, and had made a few pervious escape attempts before he went to Alcatraz. Frank was a very clever guy, and if they made it into the raft and the raft stayed afloat, then there is every possibility that theymanaged the scape. I think that Franks plan was not (as reported) to try and get to Angel island…its too far away and the tides on that day would have made it impossible in there make shift raft. I think that Frank managed to research the tides and used then to get to the shore of San Francisco. I really hope he is alive. Oh, and i also read a book called ” Last Train to Alcatraz” I suggest you read it, Whitey was an inmate on Alcatraz and tells the storyof living behind bars from a brutal perspective. I was saddened to here he has now died.

  21. ANONIMO says:


  22. Le Hung says:

    Well, i thinnk this guy is one silky son of the bitch, and he was so clever. You know, if he has been found, then where is the news on the TV? Where are the reporters? There’s no fucking way that he has been found. Besides, if that was true, then do you want to calculate again? He’s 85 by now, not 83 years old

  23. jack says:

    ya alll talk propa shittttt

  24. george says:

    Boss is a stupid idiot. I bet he likes to put on his pink mini’s on friday nights at the blue oyster

  25. pete says:

    Just 1 thing. Boss is an IDI0T!!!!

  26. QUEEN ANDREA says:

    PSSSHHTT.!! i new when i first read this article it was to good to be true. Frank Morris was a man of genius.! i can’t help but wonder if he ever knew or once thought about his escape going down history. WHAT HAPPEN TO FRANK MORRIS,, WILL NEVER KNOW…

  27. Marty Seiver says:

    Want to beleive that the 3 inmates succesfully escaped; but you think one of them would have turned up as old habits die hard. Wasn’t one dead body found in the SF bay in a prisoners uniform?

  28. meo69 says:

    ??? seriously, love frank, but seriously??? thanks though it’s cute….

  29. Jenna says:

    Frank Morris is my grandfather. He died many years ago but did come back to the us. I don’t get where you got this information from but clearly it’s wrong. Im sorry.

  30. Don Eykamp says:

    Frank was highly intellegent. He would not have left anything to chance. When he got into the water, he would have had a plan in place, he would not have let his escape depend on the currents or tides and he would have known the water temperatures and the time to death. I say he had a boat waiting for him at a safe distance.

    Good on him, look at it this way, he became a law abiding citizen, isn’t that what alcatrez was supposed to produce?


  31. Macine Gun Kelly says:

    Hey Frank here i think u guys are all stupid thinking i got into a stupid raft. i went out onto a small speed boat i had hidden on the side of the mountain. I killed both brothers and placed on in the ocean and one on the san francisco bay in an officer uniform then snuck into the city and met up with my relatives who were stationed there. Then they smuggled me out of the city in there trunk and i am now living alone in the outskirts of tennesee

  32. James says:

    I always figured that they made it. It would have been a real embarrassment for the feds to admit they made it. Just wish he would tell us what happened to the Anglin brothers. They must have kept in contact.

  33. tiamarthomas says:

    I thinks it funny how some people on hope they got away. Are you guys forgetting that they were criminals? To end up in Alcatraz you did some pretty horrific things. Dont get me wrong I love mafia movies and rooting for the bad guy in MOVIES… But in real life not a chance. Look at this way if they escape and were about to do you harm do you think they would think about it if said “Hey, I glad you guys escape, i was rooting for you.” No they would have no choice but to kill you because now you know who they are and they cant any chances of going back there.
    This was a good “fake” story though even though some of the people who commented have a few screws loose

  34. MiniMazz says:

    My pop’s name is Frank Morris they must be related which would be cool!!

  35. Mike says:

    Bullshit that’s retarded

  36. lil bundy says:

    no way

  37. Kani says:

    Machan, you are great

  38. mccrory l says:

    frank morris did escape as i was told by my grandmother i have a picture of his father as he is my relative his name is morris klapp and he moved to the everglades. I would imagine he is deceased by now.congratulations to him for pulling this off

  39. Clint says:

    I think that Frank is still alive and he will have to live with what he did. Yessss GO FRANK!!!!!!

  40. Carmine DiCarlo says:

    I think its pretty damn impressive that he was able to evade detection for all these years. I say that should just let the man be.

  41. Stan says:

    The FBI has to say, “Oh, they most likely died!”. They have to say it, because they got beat, and can’t ever own up to it. Frank Morris made ’em look bad. He beat ’em, and they don’t like to lose, ever. They want us to believe that the combined kicking strength of 3 strong young men, in no way could have made that swim! Please. Give it a rest. They got away. Learn from it. Live with it! I’ve stood on the banks of those shores. 3 guys working together to kick their way across that channel would not be impossible. It’s more like 50/50

  42. Gytarman says:

    Really, come on. You know this story is not true. Every network in the states would be trying to pay him for interview.

  43. Liam says:

    This story is bullshit. Frank is a smart man, IQ of 133. He could have survived, but I’m not relying on this to tell me that. I believe he survived, myth busters proved it is possible to make it across. This guy is damn close to a super genius, his IQ Is in the top 5%. Although this is made up, Frank Morris did escape and could still be alive now.

  44. M. Monroe says:

    Ha ha ha… But I an still alive !!!

  45. DarkCall says:

    It is possible they made it but highly unlikely. They would have turned up somewhere.

  46. Ben Johnson says:

    There were bones found on a beach not far from where a Norwegian cruise sailed and later reporting a body floating. How many jumpers from The Golden Gate Bridge have been washed out to see and lost forever? I highly doubt that a man with the intelligence to escape through a concrete wall, climb and make his way through an iron bared roof and down to the water’s edge without being noticed is going to fail at swimming across an inlet. He knew about the tides, currents, temperature, etc. The entire scenario was his idea. A boat did pick him up and a car was stolen from an area where the rafts were found. Obviously they somehow split up in different directions when they drifted off from the northeast end of the island. The Anglin brothers made it to Angel Island and Morris got on a boat. Anglins perhaps thought the boat would get stopped and decided to try and drift to Angel—-rest and cross there to further land. There was a report that night in which the guards made claiming they saw a boat nearby. I think only two of the escapees survived—-Morris and one of the Anglin brothers. Hypothermia would get to one of them.

    DNA was later tested on the bones that were found on the beach. The DNA was tested on a relative of Frank Morris—-it failed! Since the vacationers on the Norwegian cruise claim the body floating in the ocean about 20 miles northwest of the bay area was wearing similar clothing to that of the Alcatraz prisoners. I believe the body was one of the Anglin brothers.

    Frank Morris will never turn himself in—-he’s to smart to do that. Sadly, I believe the 1937 escape—-first two to escape Alcatraz—-Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe have perished in the bay—-drowned. They did not have the resources that Frank Morris organized.

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